Fortune Auto Vs KW – Which One Is Worthy To Buy?

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Virtually a few companies have a deeper selection of aftermarket suspension parts than KW, which has been active in the automobile industry for over 30 years. KW is a highly renowned company that has attained fame and acclaim among avid sports enthusiasts for its superior suspension products.

Whilst, Fortune Auto also has a longstanding reputation for making high-quality coilovers and suspension parts. In reality, both firms have a lengthy history of creating high-quality products and offer a variety of choices. 

This could throw you in the BC Racing vs. Fortune Auto rivalry when looking into a new set of coilovers, so hold on tight. By and large, we can perfectly contrast the nuts and bolts of coilovers from these two companies. Just have a look at this informative article till the end.

What is a Fortune Auto Coilover?

Fortune Auto coilover

Fortune Auto manufactures coilover suspensions for visceral racing cars in the US. The company is owned and run by aerospace engineers, scarification car enthusiasts, and 3D design professionals. 

Their coilover designs are based on achievements in such sporting events as World Time Attack, World Challenge, Formula Drift, Global Time Attack, and other professional and enthusiast-level events.

Development research at the racetrack enabled Fortune Auto, Inc. to create one of the most advanced coilover suspension systems available that maximizes comfort, reliability, and performance.

What is KW Coilover?

KW coilover

As part of the KW suspension program – the digital suspension system, the KW coilovers are an overpriced part with vehicle-specific features. KW coilovers are integrated with height-adjustable composite springs and have a trapezoidal thread in the coilover housing. 

Riders can independently adjust ride height through the thread on the strut housing, unlike strut applications. Additional differences are that the suspension position enables a longer suspension travel compared to factory strut applications.

Based on the make and model of the car being adjusted, KW coilovers are designed to provide a level adjustment on the rear of a vehicle by turning the piton on a ball joint. For instance, for vehicles with climate control, the spring seat is made of a steel fiber-impregnated polyamide and a dirt-resistant trapezoid thread.

Fortune Auto vs. KW – Comparison Table

Running out of time? Just have a sneak peek at the comparison table for a quick observation. 

FactorFortune AutoKW
StiffnessQuite stiffPretty soft
AdjustabilityNot superior in adjustmentExclusive adjustability
CustomizabilityLess scope to customizeSuperior customizability
InstallationStraightforwardNeed assistance

Fortune Auto vs. KW – Comparing Major Factors

Whether it’s Fortune Auto or KW, both brands are extremely popular in the competitive racing industry. With their service quality and competitive prices, both are highly popular. By comparing their ability to stand by their claim, we will be able to conclude. 

Ride Quality

One of the first questions prospective customers have when they consider buying a Coilover is its ride quality. Regardless of how much you’re spending, you just need to be satisfied with the results. Nobody ever wants to struggle at midnight, it’s just not worth it. 

Fortune Auto coilovers are significantly more comfortable than ordinary shock absorbers on the street at low ride height. Only the top bump stops are accessible during severe front-to-rear bumps. The damper adjustment gains are very significant and have a considerable impact on ride quality. 

From there, you can reduce the damping all the way to ride comfort or increase it to 10 (it has a total of 24 clicks) to take out any rebound that may be necessary for tracks.

The greatest difference between the KW coilover suspension and conventional shock absorbers is that KW coilovers offer you greater suspension travel during suspension compression and deceleration. 

You can take KW Variant 1 as an example that comes with a preset suspension setup that allows the suspension to travel no less than 20-25 centimeters less than that on the conventional coilover suspension. The KW engineering acumen helps provide sportier suspension comfort without resorting to unmitigated hardness.

Their increased rebound stimulates a tighter, much more intense handling, and a smaller body roll. While driving fast, nearer to the outer rims’ driving boundaries, the steering precision is notably enhanced. At lower speeds, open rebound valves allow more control over the ride.

Build Quality

This is a somewhat flexible factor. For example, if you only utilize a knife to chop wood every week, over time the blade will wear down. If you frequently resharpen butter knives, the blade will take longer to wear down. So durability is contingent on the way you utilize it. 

If you drive for every week you’re tracking the whole time, the blade will harm faster, and you will quickly require more repairs. Fortune Auto coilovers typically incorporate cartridges made from resilient steel comprising a metallic covering that guards them against wear and tear. 

The springs themselves are also created using high-quality products, which further add to their durability. The two rapid and full-speed settings and an independent height and spring variance adjustment offer great flexibility. 

All parts appear to be of great quality. Set up from the ground up, the ground control style spring perches add an extra element of luxury.

As we talk about the KW, their most popular Variant 3 model comes with 4 dampening adjustment options along with 4 springs, and the whole setup comprises more than 400 components. 

The most significant factor that sets KW coilovers apart from conventional units is their special inox-line coilovers that are made from stainless steel for consistent performance on the road. 

The adjustable spring perch to decrease, KW coilovers, are no longer constructed from aluminum. Rather KW has brought something more reliable and sued in their adjustable spring perches and trapezoid thread, which is polyamide composite material.  


Fortune Auto boasts several advanced technologies in their coilovers that create a new door of comfort, reliability, and convenience. For instance, Their industry leader, a Flow Digressive Technology component, is found in the 500 series. It delivers rigid low-speed compression control for a soft and adaptable reaction to quick stroke paths. 

Their reclined Disc-Flow Discriminate Piston in sports series allows adaptability to levels unmatched in the market. The outstanding range of adaptability allows you to change your ride height without having to revolve your damper each time you change spring rates.

Whilst, KW is mostly praised for its unparalleled dampening technology. The damper controls kinetic energy in the suspension system. While driving around a right-hand curve, the KW coilover kit converts energy absorbed or generated during the compression phase of the suspension into the heat level and dissipates it.

KW implements its exclusive TVC-A technology in several models such as the Clubsport 2-way or Variant 3-way kits, which have a compact design that boosts your impact confusion in the vehicle. You have more control over the process of compression damping such that it lets you adjust it with more subtlety. The higher the degree of compression damping, the greater the steering will move.


Fortune Coilovers perform their miraculous act in the marvelous gap between the height of the stock and the lowering height. These coilovers completely utilize this space between the suspension and the ground, resulting in a much smoother ride and handling.

Fortune Auto, drawing on many years of pertinent knowledge, compiled an extensive report on coilover suspension systems and found that the Hoosier Stage 3 Coilovers were the most proficient at handling high-performance driving. These systems come in front and rear versions and are fitted with polyurethane bushes for increased suspension movement and responsive control.

KW coilovers, such as the Clubsport and the Kinetic Variant 3 suspensions, offer a high adjustment range for compression along with rebound damping. The valve technology, patented by KW, offers the additional benefit of not requiring users to change compression damping settings when using rebound damping controls, as is the case with other cartridge-style or combustion suspensions.

Assuming that the suspension system is correctly aligned with the vehicle, every KW coilover suspension can be personalized based on that person’s preferences. Different struts may be mounted and/or other suspension setups after changing the suspension components, enabling the person to alter the suspension setup.

Pros and Cons of Fortune Auto Coilovers

While Fortune Auto Coilovers enjoy great demonstrated performance and quality, there are a few drawbacks to consider before purchasing. Here are some advantages of Fortune Auto Coilovers, together with drawbacks.


  • Superior construction
  • Balanced performance and comfort
  • Suitable for people who love stiff ride
  • Straightforward installation 


  • Quality control is questionable according to user feedback

Pros and Cons of KW Coilovers

Here are some of the notable pros and cons of KW Coilover:


  • Super adjustable
  • Extremely durable
  • Comfortable and soft riding experience
  • Better customizability


  • Installation seems a bit complex

Fortune Auto Vs KW – Which One Is Best?

Both companies are great at what they do, but ultimately I would recommend going with Fortune Auto. Their coilovers are top-of-the-line, and their customer service is excellent. They’re also one of the few companies that offer a lifetime warranty on their products, which is a testament to their quality and confidence in their products.

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