Best Coilovers For VW CC (Review) In 2024

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There has been a string of developments in the coilovers for the Volkswagen CC marketplace as of late, so it’s unsurprising that you’re having a hard time selecting one. Coilovers are the most popular suspension upgrade for performance-oriented hatchbacks due to their popularity.

Obviously, the correct coilover setup on your vehicle will let you enjoy all the rages: height and damping adjustability. There are a variety of reasons why you should only look at the finest coilovers. For starters, enthusiasts often buy third-party coilovers for two main reasons: personalization and better-spirited driving.

You’ll want to spend considerable time striving to adjust the low-quality coilovers, making height adjustment difficult too. To help ensure you get the best possible coilovers for your automobile, we’ve pinpointed some of the best coilovers for VW CC.

Comparison Table

NameImageBest forRatingPrice
Empi Coil Over Shocksemi coilovers for VW CCBest overall9.7 Out of 10Check Prices On Amazon
Detroit Axle – 4PC Complete Front Struts & Coil SpringsDetroit axle coilovers for VW CCAffordable complete struts9.7 Out of 10Check Prices On Amazon
KYB KG4509 Gas-a-Just Gas ShockKYB coilovers for VW CCExcellent for daily drive9.8 Out of 10Check Prices On Amazon
SENSEN 100410-FS-SS Front Complete Strut Assemblysensen coilovers for VW CCBest for comfortable drive9.8 Out of 10Check Prices On Amazon
Monroe 58620 Shocks & StrutsMonroe coilovers for VW CCBest for ride handling9.4 Out of 10Check Prices On Amazon
Bilstein 33-230382 Shock AbsorberBilstein coilovers for VW CCBest for off-road9.9 Out of 10Check Prices On Amazon
KYB 344433 Excel-G Gas ShockKYb excel-g coilovers for VW CCLonger usages 9.9 Out of 10Check Prices On Amazon

The Importance Of Volkswagen CC Coilovers Upgrade

Typically, coil-over suspensions have the upper hand over conventional spring-and-shock setups. Coil-overs around your vehicle ensure you can alter both the recline and stiffness, raising the center of gravity of your trailer and stiffening your truck for improved vehicle control. 

However, if you’re wondering why upgrading the suspension system of your VW CC to coilovers is important, check some of the advantages that hold strong evidence. 

  • They Give You More Adjustability

Depending on the type of Coilover that you select, you might even modify the damping. Therefore, you’ll be able to get acquainted with how your car adjusts. It might have one adjustment knob, or it may have as many as four, depending on the intricacy of the Coilover.

Coilovers will let you alter the amount of damping from the automobile’s steering wheel or jump at the chance to set up a third-party room in your home. Some coilovers give you direct access to DIY customization, so you can modify the caster and camber to your vehicle for improved efficacy or appearance.

  • You Get More Control Over Ride

Usually, coilovers are widely regarded as the best method to give your automobile a stiffer setup. One of the most significant advantages of upgrading your car’s suspension is that the associations will give the optimal damper setup for your motor vehicle. The panels are another reason that plenty of individuals upgrade their car’s suspension.

  • Unparalleled in Track 

For the magnificent car that has been transformed for the track being explored, coilovers can be a beneficial purchase. Coilovers include adjustments such as cornering weight and specific suspension tuning. If you’re using an off-the-shelf Coilover, it will be naturally lighter for light tracks and more expensive for unique designs customized for a particular track.

  • They Give You Balance

Other suspension systems typically require that tactics be perfected through trial and error to learn ideal weight distribution, coilovers feature a mechanical system to attain weight distribution with only a single fell swoop, making them quite efficient. Some people believe that cornering balance is critical with race cars. Nevertheless, even a street driver would find that valuable.

Best Coilovers For VW CC Buyer’s Guide

Coilovers provide a variety of options to help aid your vehicle’s functionality. It is important to be aware of the options and determine which Coilover will be of value to you.

We’ve included all the information you will need to acquire, from what is required for a Coilover to how expensive these are to acquire. We’ve outlined this information for every car shopper, regardless of the level of expertise you have.

Spring Rates

The percentage of movement as a result of compression of one thing observed in a fixed linear dimension is referred to as the spring rate. Occasionally also referred to as weight in imperial units, it is sometimes indicated like the letter k after the weight in metric units that contain prefixes.

Coilovers used for a long period have a mechanism that allows them to launch the springs gradually, allowing people maximum comfort. Front-seat passengers, on the other hand, opt for a faster spring rate, so they can maintain control over the car.

Dampening Adjustability

The degree of the ability about what is coming up and what is the compressing of distinct kinds of springs is known as the damping adjustability of the suspension. In short, the modification of the degree of help available to the vehicle’s suspension determines the ability of damping adjustability.

Damping coilovers may either be one single damper or adjustable settings, but once they are sealed-off gadgets, they are quite expensive. Single dampers offer a general ride, but you can make them more precise by upgrading your vehicle. Choosing adjustable dampers lets you intensify your ride, but they can be more expensive.

Ride Height

Coilovers designed for sports and other requirements are generally readily available in a variety of types, varying in suspension height among other things. Some coilovers consist of 1 rack with 1 moving level, while other coilovers incorporate 1 fixed stage and 1 rack.

With a set of at least 6 fixed-height Coilovers, there are a lot of other options available. You can also select Coilovers of varying heights according to your own driving needs, personal preferences, and setup requirements of your car.

The settings in the front and rear lower movable-height mounts will differ, depending on the type and brand of car you drive and your driving style. The lower movable-height mount settings of Coilovers will affect the lower movable mount, whereas the adjustments of high Coilovers will affect the higher or lower mounts.

Shock Design

A key feature of a coilover suspension is shock absorption. There are two primary shock types, including a mono-tube unit and a twin-tube unit. A mono-tube shock has compliant damping in all corners, like a popular factory selection.

In many circumstances, a twin-tube Coilover includes two shocks and has been produced to assist the driver. It has a significantly larger diameter than other one-tube coilovers, so it feels more autonomous while driving. It is, however, more expensive.

If you have an interest in gentle driving, dual-stage shock absorbers could be appealing to you. This should not be interpreted as implying that these shocks are unable to transform force adequately.

7 Best Coilovers For VW CC Review

Over the years, we’ve consulted with the experts to select the ideal coilovers for your VW CC. From budget-friendly to upscale choices, we perform the research and present them with the highest quality until we’ve found the ideal product for you. 

Whether you want to modify the interaction between your car and seat to make the back less inclined to tension or you would like to give it a touch more progressive functionality like a suspension upgrade, we have listed some of the most effective coilovers available in the marketplace.

1. Empi Coil Over Shocks

Empi coil for overall coilers

You might not have heard about Empi. However, they are on the rise peddling budget coil-overs for a surprisingly comfortable driving experience. They’re unearthing now offering coilovers, which can be adjusted to your demands and generate a 15 to 25-gentler experience than standard for the customary ride. 

In most circumstances, cost savings get passed down to the end customer because the fast-growing coilover manufacturer from the ’80s eliminates the intermediary, Empi coilovers. While they can be as much as $1,20, we have been satisfied with the Empi coilovers on the majority of our vehicles and will keep using them on all future automobiles. Would high prices be conceivable, they theoretically probably could, but they’re not.

These coilovers use a twin-tube manual dampening system and offer adjustable suspensions, adjustable struts, optional mounting locations, and more features. In addition to their top-notch-quality kits, they guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with the Ultimo or the Primo system and allow free returns as well as lifetime service and customer care. 

We recommend the Ultimo or the Primo kit because it gives a greater range of adjustments, but the Classic system isn’t too bad. Just about every coil throughout the shock is supported by a custom-designed progressive rate spring, which makes a particular component of a specially tuned suspension system. 

The threaded shock barrel can be moved to a suitable setting for the ideal vehicle height. This stabilizes the vehicle’s weight, which enhances handling and performance.

Driver Experience

It’s easy to maintain your exception if you’re staying with the default. As I have already mentioned and again, the probability of a man trying every lift choice offered there is close to zero. Most individuals have had 1-2 choices, and they will have a bias of the path to the solution they selected


  • Feel well built
  • Smooth operation
  • Easy to adjust settings
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not suitable for harsh conditions

2. Detroit Axle – 4PC Complete Front Struts & Coil Springs

Detroit axle - a complete shock and struts for daily drive

Detroit Axle is known for its ability to create suspension changes that make most car enthusiasts happy. Their Street Performance Coilovers were developed in response to the needs of car enthusiasts who want coilover providers that offer greater needs and requirements for performance.

These coilovers provide minimal lowering with an optimal blend of performance tuning and increased responsiveness. Detroit Axle primarily focuses on the control high-end in comparison with its height selection. Utilizing progressive springs, it offers enhanced managing ability for everyday road driving and race laps. 

It is designed for high-energy driving because it offers a more rigid design and has a tube that delivers continuous damping force than a twin-tube coilover. The height adjustment is designed to be less labor-intensive through each coilover has a threaded shock body for easy adjustment. These coilovers provide a front drop of 1 to 1.75 inches and a rear drop of 0.9 to 1.6 inches.

Each coil spring is made to restore the ride height and support the weight of the car, reducing body shaking and offering superior handling. As we understand it, factory Detroit Axle parts are branded to meet the OEM’s demands for form, fitment, and functionality, offering great quality and great price. 

Driver Experience

I just wanted to notify you that I’ve taken a test drive for the Detroit Axle -4PC Comprehend Front Springs & Struts. I truly enjoy the way that it has enhanced the riding experience, and the riding is much more comfortable than the ride has ever been before. Likewise, I still see this as a little cheaper for what it is, but overall, I’m satisfied that I did not squander a penny on it.


  • Good value for money 
  • Easy to fit 
  • Look good on the car 
  • Seem to be reliable when new 
  • Smooth ride


  • Coil springs can be a little noisy over bumps

3. KYB KG4509 Gas-a-Just Gas Shock

Kyb is another best coilovers for VW CC

Many adult and adolescent drivers rely on vehicles for transportation much more than daily commuting. Lots of people haul items or bring trailers, as they need to control motion and resistance for heavier loads. The KYB Gas-a-Just monotube shock absorber is a perfect solution for anyone who requires impressive suspension performance.

The Gas-a-Just is gas hydraulic, and the name references its design, which never experiences shock fade and can automatically return to peak performance, according to need. It endures shocks and works to increase productivity if necessary. Gas-a-Just has two major functions.

If you are seeking to restore the vehicle’s original high-performance qualities, the Gas-a-Just could be the right fit for you. Not only that, when the Gas-a-Just is installed in a vehicle that is equipped with old twin-tube shocks, the Gas-a-Just is also able to boost performance.

There’s a larger single cylinder operating under one working cylinder, so the fluid doesn’t have to travel far. It’s kept in the higher cylinder, so the valves can quickly respond. There is also a Nitrogen high-pressure chamber, separated from the Liquid area by a preserved oil piston and seal.

Gas pressure cushions the roads when light vehicle movement is detected, however, when you need vigorous road motion and there’s more powerful acceleration, the floating piston is pushed into the gas chamber which increases the gas pressure delivery rapidly and provides additional damping.

Driver Experience

I had over a hundred grand invested in my truck; the stock shocks did not even reach half that mileage. In the automotive industry, it’s worth it to have extra shocks in the back, but the original ones, with around 75,000 miles already on them, were enough. Installing these rear components doesn’t take all day, but the comfort they provide is enormous.


  • Instant responsiveness to load
  • No performance fade
  • Additional control override
  • Specifically calibrated 
  • Monotube design


  • Regular maintenance is almost compulsory

4. SENSEN 100410-FS-SS Front Complete Strut Assembly

Sensen - A complete strut assembly

While Sensen straddles between average and premium when it comes to the cost of its vehicle parts, its struts typically outperform those of other companies in this regard. The company’s struts are geared toward a large market of car owners and service companies that cover many vehicle models and brands.

Sensen struts are lubricated with an all-weather shock oil. One that much like water, will not change appreciably in consistency over a wide temperature range, unlike water will stand firm through a variety of temperatures, but will lubricate for easy movement, protects crucial parts from wear and tear, and can absorb more shock than, unlike liquid.

The mounting hardware is the primary element linking the strut to the vehicle. In contrast to the strut, it is the first point of contact between the car chassis and the strut mount. In part, this part must supply outstanding protection against impacts, and in some others have to be sturdy enough to endure impacts.

So that you can entirely take into account the effects of shaft jerks, it’s best to refrain from distracting yourself from these types of rough road bumps, which is why we use specialized OE-grade steel coil springs. These rugged OE-grade steel coil springs are easy to install and have a long life, vast elastic limits, and tremendous strength. 

Because of this, they can absorb the impact of the bumps painlessly and dissipate it without much effort. Moreover, Sensen Struts uses heavy-gauge spring seats that are made with stainless steel to prevent damage from rust and corrosion, require less support from other springs, and withstand damage from several different substances, including heat, hydrogen, and oxygen. 

Driver Experience

They look good, and they perform very well! I have to admit I couldn’t detect anything negative with the original struts. Even measuring the shaft compression seemed fine, but the new struts made a huge difference! The vehicle takes on a stiffer ride, and there is practically no body roll at all. It’s very responsive.


  • Superior response
  • heavy gauge spring seats
  • Rust and corrosion resistance
  • OE-grade steel coil springs 
  • excellent impact cushioning


  • They are quite expensive

5. Monroe 58620 Shocks & Struts

Monroe shock and sturt

Monroe has occupied the automobile sector for more than 100 years. That’s not fed through most other struts, because not only are their offerings at a cheaper price, but there are more reasonably priced alternatives. The Monroe 58620 struts arrive at the number one place on this list as the best because they can give support to only one region of your car if only one strut has gone.

The Monroe 58620 Shocks & Struts assembly comes with a larger piston diameter than most other replacement shocks for VW CC, and this additional capacity contributes to its cooling capabilities. This means that, for car owners who live off the beaten path, the Monroe 58620 Shocks & Struts is an outstanding option.

This shock setup for the VW CC has a fluid that permits it to cope with all four types of weather, including very cold weather. In addition, this fluid also contributes to a smooth motion of the nitro-carburized piston rod and reduces friction.

You’ll get all the details it takes to install and replace them in one package including all the hardware. Accessing this new assembly should be a lot more simple than working with previous mounting assemblies.

About compatibility, this strut was made mainly for VW CC while it has the backing with a few additional cars as well. Unlike other budget struts that provide a limited lifetime warranty, Monroe offers a unit that offers peace of mind for numerous.

Driver Experience

In my personal experience flashbacks function as OE reversers, which is nonsense. They simply restore the original ride height, retain my original “memory” of your “butt,” and make no changes in the.ini ride that I enjoyed when I had the OEM shocks. 


  • disperse heat efficiently
  • Convenient installation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • carburized exterior
  • Efficient vibration management


  • Purposeful for only single-wheel repairs.

6. Bilstein 33-230382 Shock Absorber

Bikstein shock absorber

Proficient tuners are acquainted with the amazing Bilstein brand. The sophisticated range from Bilstein includes a selection of exceptional shock absorbers. Luckily for Volkswagen lovers, Bilstein shock absorbers are delivering an exceptional set of choices to the marketplace. Nice examples include the Bilstein 33-230382 Shock Absorber, which may be completely customized to suit drivers who like precise and reliable capacity.

Featuring a Bilstein monotube gas shock with damping capabilities, the Bilstein 33-230382 Shock Absorber provides dual monotube gas shocks. This shock set also features Bilstein progressive coil springs that are flexible enough for smooth handling yet strong enough to support larger road debris. 

Additionally, Bilstein incorporated a red Triple-C Technology coating into its coilover kits and implemented the superior seals used in high-performance vehicles for added durability.

It performs very admirably regarding off-road function. It’s more consistent compared to the economy-grade leveling struts that do not possess a total coil-over, and they won’t take any kind of danger compared to something like a Fox 2.5 external reservoir coilover.

By focusing only on responsible off-road driving patterns, used Bilstein leveling kits may be a great solution for you. To elaborate further, we think you would be well-advised to check out this unit if you are attempting to accomplish responsible off-road travel, this is especially true if you are running some additional forest roads or planning to head over to your favorite fishing spot.

Driver Experience

In my experience, they are comfy zipping along the road. It is only a major extra expense to not have back pain or get the right bang for your back. I do not see that people get fatigued. Needless to say, you’re going to be ready to easily overcome speed bumps because of this bike.


  • Superior performance
  • Reasonable price
  • Automatic response to surface conditions
  • Smooth riding
  • Ensures better stability


  • Installation seems to be a bit complicated

7. KYB 344433 Excel-G Gas Shock

KYb excel-g Shock absorber

Here is our last candidate and this time we have one from the legendary KYB. KYB is the leading manufacturer in the world when it comes to the manufacture of shocks and struts for automobiles, and the Excel-G line was created on the assembly line with the same high-quality parts used by KYB. 

KYB’s Excel-G shock series is the only line of shocks created specifically for a vehicle to return its original performance ride control capability. The more authentic fact is that KYB socks will be designed and made specifically for you to match your level of suspensions. What this means is they won’t just complement the contours of the suspension, but also grant you complementary, easy installation. 

Not only will this product alleviate TÜV certification for original ride quality, but it will also provide the most effective, custom-fit version for your suspension. These shocks come with exceptionally advanced acceleration jolts that comply with changes in road conditions and instantly adapt to influencing conditions and engineering design to guarantee a smooth ride whether you are on a rolling hill or a rough one. 

Without the least bit of uncertainty, KYB shocks are made out of OE or higher-quality components. In addition to this, the struts of this particular model have the older gas distributed with a high level of accuracy, ensuring that your ride remains comfortable for many years. 

Driver Experience

The installation was swift and trouble-free. The unit slotted directly into the existing placement alongside the front seats. The OEM strut mounts were in excellent condition, as expected. The improvement in ride quality has been remarkable. I am pleased with the result. I have also noticed that the nose-rattle sounds in the engine bay have been replaced with cheers. However, the general ride is not disappointing.


  • Comfortable ride
  • Budget-friendly
  • Almost stock feeling
  • Effortless installation
  • Suitable for off-roading


  • Feels a bit bumpy

Final Words

Our experts carefully scrutinized the latest product reviews and ratings for each product on our list of the best Coilovers for VW CC before concluding that they were all high-quality products. Our team also regularly researches industry innovations so that our picks are as up-to-date as possible. We hope this list is helpful to our fans, and we look forward to reading your valuable comments!

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