Monroe Load Adjusting Shock Absorber Review

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Among some of the best products within the shock absorber list, the Monroe 58637 offers great comfort. Mainly, this beautiful shock absorber is ideal for any light truck. Trucks that carry different loads every day can use this product. That’s why our Monroe Load adjusting shock Absorber review will discuss the features of the product in detail. 

From this content, you will get to know why this shock absorber is the right choice for your vehicle. We will discuss the good parts as well as the bad ones. Finally, we will answer some of the common questions revolving around this product. So, let’s get started. 

What is a Load Adjusting Shock Absorber?

If you’re always carrying different types of loads every day, you better face plenty of problems. Among them, riding discomfort is the first thing that comes to our mind. Mainly the nosedive and constant bumps on the road can make your ride awful. 

This is where load-adjusting shock absorbers come in handy. To be specific, a load-adjusting shock absorber can help your vehicle maintain an optimum riding height even after carrying a load. In short, it’s an integral part of the car’s suspension. Now, why use them?

Just think about it, when your car bumps into something, the car’s suspension starts to work. The suspension is there to make sure the wheels keep in touch with the road. Now, shock absorbers are oil-filled cylinders. These cylinders can help dampen the compression of your vehicle’s suspension. Also, it slows the suspension movement and rebounds the spring. 

As a result, you get a stable ride even while carrying a heavy load. They can help you say goodbye to any bumpy rides. 

Monroe Load Adjust Shock Absorber Review

Monroe Load Adjusting Shock Absorber Review
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The Monroe 58637 is a great shock absorber to provide superior comfort. The best thing about this shock absorber is the rapid adjustment facility. You can adjust the settings depending on the road and weight condition. It’s a great shock absorber for light trucks. But why? Let’s have a look at the features first. 

Heavy-duty Construction

The first thing you should look into regarding a shock absorber is the construction quality. Well, the Monroe shock absorber is a heavy-duty product for light trucks. If you carry varying weights each day, this one is a great shock absorber for your suspensions. Each part of this shock absorber is heavy-duty in its own right. 

Easy to Install

Installing the shock absorber is very easy. Yes, you don’t need to remove the wheels of your vehicle. You just need to jack the rear by the hitch and not by the axle. As a result, you don’t have to compress the shock absorber. The only problem is that the product doesn’t include any new bolts or nuts. So, you have to work with the old ones or purchase a new one. 

Excellent Performance

You can expect superior performance out of the shock absorbers. The product comes with a built-in heavy-gauge calibrated spring. Well, the spring can adjust to any road condition or weight. Thanks to the spring, you can maintain the minimum riding height even with 1100 lbs of weight. Not to mention, when your vehicle loads more than 1200 lbs of weight, it will reduce sags.  

All-Weather Ride

The all-weather fluid on the shock absorber can help you reduce friction while riding. Weather should be a huge challenge for your vehicle. However, the all-weather fluid can ensure smooth rod reaction in extremely cold or intense summer heat. So, that’s another reason to stay assured about the service. 

Innovative Valving

One of the best things about this shock absorber is the innovative valving system. Well, the spring is tuned specifically for every application. So, you can ride on any type of road or terrain. But the fully-displaced valving system makes this a champion. The shock absorber can adjust to road conditions or extremes. So, getting a smooth ride is not a big problem. 

Longer Service Life

If you consider the construction material, the shock absorber can last a long time. Well, it has a self-lubricating fluid seal that can retain gas and prevent excessive wear and friction. So, premature wear is not a concern for any vehicle owner. Finally, the heavy-duty nitrocarburized rod can last a long time. 


  • Very easy to install
  • High-quality construction
  • Automatic valving system
  • Enhances responsiveness
  • Offers consistent ride in any weather condition
  • Longer service life


  • Good for maybe just a year
  • Makes squeaky noise after a few miles of the run

Customer Reviews

JMPOLA’s Review, “I had replaced a set of Rancho 5000 with the Monroe shock absorbers. Well, the rides are not that noticeable until you hook up a trailer. That can improve your ride significantly. Well, the shocks are quieter from my point of view. It’s a heavy-duty and well-made shock absorber.”

Brendan’s Review, “These shock absorbers are awesome. Compared to OEM shocks, they provide an extremely smooth ride. I lifted my truck 1.5 to 2 inches now. Installing these shocks is very easy. Certainly a great shock.”

John Hazher’s Review, “It took me just 20 minutes to install the shocks. It instantly raised my truck 1 inch more. I certainly don’t have to worry about the springs wearing off.” 


Are Monroe Load Adjusting Shocks Any Good?

Monroe Load Adjusting Shocks is their ability to automatically adjust to the changing load conditions of a vehicle. This means that whether you’re driving with an empty truck bed or hauling a heavy load, these shocks will continuously adapt to provide optimal performance.

How Do Monroe Load Adjusting Shocks Work?

These shocks operate on a unique principle known as “fluid displacement technology.” This technology allows the shocks to automatically adjust their damping characteristics based on the load being carried, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride regardless of the weight of the vehicle. 

How Do You Adjust Monroe Adjustable Shocks?

Well, the shock absorber will adjust automatically according to the road conditions. 

Wrapping Up

If you don’t want any major changes in your riding experience, the Monroe 58637 is the best shock absorber on the market. The shock absorber is very easy to install and perfect for towing. The product won’t squeak but will ensure the ride is stiffer. 

Monroe is great at providing a consistent ride ensuring improved performance. Mainly, the enhanced responsiveness makes this shock absorber a quality product for hauling or towing. Under a heavy load, the absorber can help you maintain a level vehicle. 

Our Monroe load-adjusting shock absorber review wanted to give you a better view of the product. What do you think about this being a fine addition to your vehicle?

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