TRQ Struts Review in 2023

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Struts are there to support the weight of your vehicle. For example, the suspension is made of strut technology. Generally, the struts are mounted on the chassis. So, it provides a mounting place for the car’s coils and spring. So, which TRQ Struts review pinpoints itself as the best?

Our researchers picked the TRQ shock strut-loaded spring as the overall best on this list. It is an affordable and quality strut for your vehicle. The main problem is compatibility. Once the product is compatible with your vehicle, it’s a smooth ride. 

Well, the TRQ struts brand reviews a wide variety of struts options. To pick the best model, you have to make wise decisions. You have to identify the durability level, mounting option, and performance. 

However, our research team has tried to gather other best options. In this session, we will go over 5 different struts from TRQ. There will be much more than just reviews. So, let’s dive in with the reviews. 

5 Best TRQ Struts Review

Best Overall: TRQ Shock Strut Loaded Spring Assembly Front Rear Kit Set

TRQ Shock Strut Loaded Spring Assembly Front Rear Kit Set of 4 for FX35 FX45 New

With this TRQ strut, you get two-piece struts for both left and right. What makes it the overall best is thanks to the easy fitting. If the strut is compatible with your car, you are sure to find it a great fit.

After installing the auto part, there’s no subtle change in the performance. However, the ride will become smoother. Also, say goodbye to any rattling or crackling noise.

Another great thing about the product is the construction quality. It’s a durable product for sure. Users can see the design accommodates long activity. Its spring has nice elasticity and tension.  

Finally, the price tag of this TRQ strut makes this one a winner. The price is neither expensive nor cheap. You can say it’s a mid-range strut with good materials.

Note: If you’re looking for an exceptional fit, this one is the best choice. However, you better match the compatibility first. This is because the strut is not widely compatible with cars.


  • Offer great stiffness to make your ride comfortable
  • Super easy to install
  • Better value for money
  • Long-lasting and durable construction material


  • Not widely compatible

Best easy to install: TRQ Loaded Quick Complete Strut Spring Assembly Front Driver Passenger Pair Set

TRQ Loaded Quick Complete Strut Spring Assembly Front Driver Passenger Pair Set for 2010-2012 Hyundai Santa Fe

These TRQ struts deliver the same type of service as any OEM. According to customers, the product is stiff enough to support the weight of your car. Installing the strut is another great thing.

Users don’t need to worry about time. Generally, you will need 40 to 1 hour to install the auto part. Also, it doesn’t matter which side you put the part on. The strut turns out as a perfect fit. TRQ even added the ABS mounting tab on both sides. Not only that, you have the link connectors too.

The price value is also satisfactory. You don’t have to pay too much for assembly. If you find compatibility an issue, make sure to check this one out.

Note: The strut also ensures a lifetime warranty for the auto parts. However, if you are outside the US, you better try to use an adapter for the struts.


  • Easy fit and saves you time
  • Provides support like any OEM
  • Lifetime warranty for parts
  • Durable construction quality


  • People outside the US may face problems with warranty

Best Performance: TRQ Front & Rear Quick Complete Loaded Strut Spring Assembly Shock Kit Set

TRQ Front & Rear Quick Complete Loaded Strut Spring Assembly Shock Kit Set 4pc New for 2010-2015 Toyota Prius

The TRQ front and rear quickly come with a durable spring design to provide stability to your car. Just think about the old days, you had to compress and transfer the old struts. However, these pre-assembled struts make things easier.

Most car models have room for front and rear struts. They can easily pick this one. Well, installing the strut is very easy. You can follow their how-to-do YouTube videos to understand the whole process.

TRQ is very keen on providing the best customer experience. Well, the struts offer durable and credible quality. Not just that, the product offers significant improvements to your car.

Note: These TRQ struts have better customer feedback for durable and quality struts. You can use this one at the back and front suspension springs.


  • Easy to install
  • A-1 quality struts
  • Offers struts for both front and rear suspension
  • Better wheel alignment


  • May create noise after extensive use for a year

Best Budget: TRQ Front Complete Loaded Strut Spring

TRQ Front Complete Loaded Strut Spring Assembly & Rear Shock Absorber 4 Piece Kit Set

Once you receive the package, you don’t need any additional adjustments. Yes, the pre-assembled package makes your work easy. Furthermore, you don’t need specialized packages for installing this strut.

So, any DIY person can install the part. They even added do-it-yourself-type videos to guide them while installing it. However, it’s a good product for absorbing the front panels’ shock. When you are riding on bad roads all the time, this product should meet all your needs.

Also, you have a lifetime warranty on your side. Yes, it’s not that big of a deal. But the warranty program will cover your demands if the part is damaged.

Note: Overall, it’s a budget strut for people riding on bad roads. You can pick other models from this list. But this provides pretty good value for money without any significant cons to talk about.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Easy to install
  • Ensures stability in your vehicle


  • Not recommended for sports cars

Best Front struts: TRQ Front Strut & Spring Assembly

TRQ Front Strut & Spring Assembly w/Rear Shock Absorber 4 Piece Kit Set for 2012-2013 Kia Optima EX & LX with 2.4L I4 Built After 11/11

Not all struts are created equal. The main issue for any strut is compatibility. Well, this TRQ front strut supports a wide list of vehicles. So, this is another great model for non-hybrid Toyota cars.

Yes, it may not differ from other models on our list. However, this one is an affordable solution for your car. Most cars use front struts to gain smoothness.

This little auto part is a valuable asset. You don’t have to pay too much for the assembly. Not to mention, the strut has better stiffness to ensure a smooth ride.

Note: The construction quality will not disappoint you. TRQ is always ensuring quality while providing the best compatible struts. We checked the customer reviews and they seemed happy with this product.


  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Very easy to install
  • No need for extra equipment
  • Better value for the money


  • Not a great fit for cars bearing heavy loads

Customer reviews

Here we have some opinions on TRQ struts. This helps you to understand the brand value of TRQ. 

Moran on TRQ Shock Strut, “My Fx35 2005 runs smoothly after installing this product. So far the product is good. It was easy to install and what counts is how long the struts will offer me service. Sure to tell friends. I will update my review after using it for a while.

James on TRQ Loaded Quick Complete Strut, “Happy with the product. The parts of the struts offer great quality. Also, the to-do-yourself YouTube videos help make installation easier. Had replaced both the front and rear struts this evening. I would surely buy this one again.”

D. Mean on TRQ Front Complete Loaded Strut Spring, “Just replaced all 4 parts on a 2014 Buick Enclave. All it took was just 3 hours. Thanks, TRQ for providing tons of videos for DIYers. Now, my vehicle feels new again. A great product.”

The average price of TRQ Struts

The average price for TRQ struts remains within a $100 to $400 price tag. Well, the price varies according to the model and specifications.


You don’t get TRQ struts under the $100 budget. Well, you will find some affordable models within the $100 to $150 budget. They may not be the best but offer better support.


There are some cheap options available from TRQ. They do have great construction. You get quality products but the products may not be long-lasting like pricey models.


If you need a powerful strut, you better set your budget within this range. Yes, you will get high-quality TRQ struts. Most of them are pre-assembled and come as a full package.


Moving onto a more expensive category. When you purchase an expensive TRQ strut, you get quality products. No wonder, expensive struts offer better performance and overall features.

Picking the Best TRQ Struts for Your Vehicle: Buyer Guideline

You may get stressed out when you find so many models from TRQ. Even after reading our review, doubts might start creeping into your mind. So, you better keep these things in mind.

Our buyer guidelines can help you pick the right model. So, how do you choose one? Let’s find out.

First, Ask Yourself

Ensure Your Need

The first thing is to stay clear about your choice. Do you need struts or shocks? This is quite a confusing thing to deal with. You better consult a mechanic to identify the parts you need. Even though the parts need to work together, they are distinct from each other. So, first, you should identify your needs.

Find the Compatible Strut

Finding the right strut can ease the problem a bit. Yes, there are plenty of struts out there. And checking the compatibility can shorten your list. So, you should find a strut that is compatible with your vehicle. Before checking a specific model, make sure you have a proper idea about the part. This will turn out to be a great advantage for you.

Brand Value

If you are looking for a strut from TRQ, you better research the brand value. Yes, TRQ is not a widely known type of auto part seller. But they do generate better customer reactions. When customers say the product is good, you can rely on the brand. So, you better understand the brand value of TRQ too.

Keep these considerations in mind


In terms of the features, you need to check the compatibility. How can you use the TRQ strut? Checking the features can make things easier. Installing and performance enhancement is another key consideration here.


With a little knowledge, you can identify a powerful strut. To do so, you need to check the specifications. TRQ comes pre-assembled. So, you don’t have to worry about installation too much. But what if the assembled strut is not good for your car? You surely have to consider the specifications to understand the compatibility. Just a model list can’t give you a better view of the compatibility.

Value for Money

We declare that TRQ struts offer better value for your bucks. But just the product price is not everything. In the old days, pre-assembled struts were a necessity. Now, you have them so the value for money is changing.

After purchasing the strut, how long will it last? Do you have to pay extra to install the part? Or do you need any special equipment to install the part perfectly?

You need to find answers to these questions. This way, you will check the product information again and again. So, ensuring better value for money before and after buying a strut gets easy.

Customer Ratings

The best way to judge a product is to check the customer ratings. Just as we said, TRQ is a popular brand. Many people use their auto parts and the feedback is good. But when you are the customer, you better check the customer feedback. This can also decrease your frustration with choosing a model.


You need a strut to gain momentum on your drive. A durable strut can offer tension and elasticity. This way, your vehicle can ensure a comfortable drive. A detailed paragraph from any real-world user can give you a proper idea about the product. Not to mention, the review starts ratings give you a brief idea about the reliability.

How to install TRQ Struts?

Well, there are a few ways you can install your TRQ struts. However, TRQ does provide an additional user manual. Not just that, you have related DIY videos on their YouTube channel.

However, here we have a general guide for installing the TRQ struts:

Step 1: First, inspect whether you need a strut or not.

Step 2: After inspecting, you may need to disconnect some components to measure the camber angle.

Step 3: Disconnect the end link of your stabilizer bar.

Step 4: Now, you need to remove the bolts and nuts.

Step 5: After that, separate the old strut and buckle.

Step 6: Remove the strut mount nuts and the strut will easily come out.

Step 7: Now, you have to install the IRQ strut.

Step 8: Reset the angle

Step 9: Align the strut perfectly. You may need professional help.


Is TRQ a quality brand?

TRQ is a quality brand that offers some of the best quality and direct-fit auto parts. They are dedicated to providing quality, trustworthy, and reliable products. The name says it all.

Are TRQ products good?

Yes, TRQ uses environmentally sustainable materials. They are committed to providing optimum quality and customer satisfaction. Customers are happy with the wide range of products and their distribution network.

Are TRQ struts made in the USA?

No, TRQ struts are made in China. However, some of the special parts are made in Mexico. Well, the auto parts are made in state-of-the-art facilities.

Who owns TRQ auto parts?

TRQ is a complete American brand.

How long do TRQ struts last?

This depends on your use. However, usually, a TRQ strut will last for more than 2 years.

Wrapping up

After reviewing the TRQ strut, it is clear that this product offers high-quality and reliable performance.

With its durable construction and smooth operation, it is a top choice for those in need of a strut replacement.

The positive customer reviews and satisfaction guarantee only further solidify its reputation as a top-performing strut.

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